Giving Up Your Pet

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Giving Up Pet
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Something has happened in your life and you can no longer (or choose not to) take care of your pet. Maybe a friend or a relative has died leaving one or more pets to be placed in new homes. You would like to help find this animal a new and loving permanent home. To ensure this desirable outcome, Pound Buddies would like to work with you to keep your pet or maintain it at your home while we jointly search for an adoptive family. Although we will make every attempt to place your dog, Pound Buddies is a contracted public animal shelter obligated to take in stray dogs. Sadly, there are times we simply "run out of space" and euthanasia may be a regrettable consequence.

It is a huge decision to give away your pet, however long or brief the ownership. Regardless of your circumstances or your pet's circumstances, the animal will do best in your home environment while you explore adoption tips and possibilities with Pound Buddies staff. They can put you in touch with:

  • Rescue and adoption networks while you house and maintain the animal in a calm and familiar setting.

  • Trainers or behavior counselors who can help you solve or manage your pet's behavior problem (so your dog will be able to stay with the person he knows and loves best).

  • How to Find a Home for Your Pet, (PDF pending) a downloadable file with helpful ideas to make your pet more adoptable including photography tips and sample advertising copy.

No Time and No Choice―You Must Give Up Your Pet

You are unable to seek a new home for your pet, for whatever difficult reason. By contacting Pound Buddies at (231) 724-6500 and scheduling a time to surrender your pet, we can ensure we have room for your dog at the Shelter. It is very helpful if you can bring past medical records and a detailed background on the pet's strengths and / or any behavioral issues. You will fill out and sign an Owner Surrender Form which gives Pound Buddies sole rights to your dog. We require a $10 minimum donation to cover some of the expenses for your pet's care. Pound Buddies will make every effort to find your dog a new home, but there are no guarantees.

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