Adoption Policies & Fees

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Each potential owner will fill out an Adoption Application. A Pound Buddies counselor will meet with the potential owner to discuss the adopter’s preferences so they can jointly determine which dog is a good match.

As part of the approval process, Pound Buddies may contact the applicant’s references as well as veterinarians who have treated current or previous household pets.

The adoption approval process will take several days. We ask for your patience and understanding as this process strives to create successful matches between the animals in our care and the families that will become their permanent homes.

Adoption Policies

Pound Buddies adopts pets to people who…

  • Are interested in adopting a dog for companionship and can provide the necessary food, shelter, exercise, training and veterinary care for the dog.

  • Are at least 18 years of age.

  • Have the knowledge and consent of all adults in their household.

  • Have a form of valid identification (driver’s license or state ID) with current address.

  • Have the landlord’s name and phone number (or a copy of your lease) if they rent.

  • Can verify they are allowed to have a pet of the preferred breed and size where they currently live.

  • Are adopting pets as members of their household and not solely as outdoor pets or as gifts to be given away outside their household.

  • Will not leave puppies alone and/or unsupervised for longer than guidelines suggest.

  • Will spend up to an hour with an adoption counselor to discuss the responsibility of owning a pet.

  • Will bring all family members, including any resident dogs or children to the shelter for an introduction to the dog they are considering.

  • Have complied with all conditions of previous adoptions, including (but not limited to) spay/neuter contracts and/or commitments.

It is Pound Buddies sole prerogative to determine the most appropriate home for the animals in its care and its decision is final.  Pound Buddies reserves the right to deny adoptions to people who have surrendered their animals in the past.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for both Foster dogs and Shelter dogs is typically a maximum of $160.00. Your adoption counselor will discuss your final adoption fee with you.  Pound Buddies accepts Cash, Checks or Money Orders for adoptions.  At this time we are unable to accept Debit/Credit cards.

A great value, your adoption fee includes:

Shelter Dogs

Foster Dogs

Spay / Neuter Status

  • $50 (eff. 1-1-2014) credit to vet of your choice for spay/neuter or other vet services AND $25 returned to you when you provide proof that pet has been spayed/neutered (unless animal has already been altered).

Spay / Neuter Status

  • Spayed or neutered (if age allows).

Vaccinations and Preventatives

  • Typically current on select vaccinations; generally includes de-worming and microchipping and registration.

Vaccinations and Preventatives

  • Current on all age-appropriate vaccinations; includes de-worming, microchipping and registration, seasonal heartworm and flea preventative.
  • Net: With $50–$75 of the Adoption Fee coming back to you in some way, shelter dogs are a great value!
  • Net: With spay/neuter and vet expenses included, foster dogs are a great value!

How You Save―Typical “New Dog” Service Costs

Spay/Neuter Male  $164-184;  Female $200-229

$ 229.00

Wellness Exam

$   25.00

Heartworm Test

$   42.50

Heartworm Preventative (minimum 9 months)

$   90.00

First Set of Vaccinations Including Rabies

$   96.00

Fecal Test and De-Worming

$   26.00

Microchip ID and National Registration

$   53.00

Room and Board per Day
(average of 60 days at $15/day) = $900 of service provided by Pound Buddies Animal Shelter and Adoption Center staff and volunteers


$ 561.00

Adoption fees are non-refundable; however, unusual or extenuating circumstances may be discussed.

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Monday–Friday:  8 am–11 am
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Adoption Viewing Hours
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Tuesday & Thursday:  Noon–2 pm
Wednesday:  5 pm–7 pm
Saturday:  Noon–2 pm
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